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Omega Constellation Replica Watches's first Baselworld, under Georges Kern's leadership, has revealed some new and interesting concepts. The Navitimer 8 Collection is a simple departure from previous models. Some, such as the massive Navitimer Super 8 are more difficult to understand. The Navitimer 1 would appear to be familiar terrain, with the dial layout and logo being what we expect. But buried in the references, is an unexpected watch: the Navitimer 1 Automated 38mm.

This Navitimer is without chronograph. It was originally marketed as a women's watch, but it has been updated to make it "unisex". The name is not new, but it was only used on a dress watch from the 1950s with a rotating bezel and a date window. The 1952 ref. The 2508, which is listed as Chronomat on the dial (but not in the text), is another early example of a tool/dress watch.

Slide rule is the most striking feature of the new 38mm, especially in the blue dial variant. It appears more clear without sub-dials. This smaller case,fake watches combined with the beaded dial, will appeal to vintage watch lovers everywhere. Omega Constellation Replica Watches has challenged the notion that slide-rules must be chronographs with this watch. On that note, let's take you back in time to the beginning of it all.

Scotland was in turmoil in 1550. After an unsuccessful attempt at forcing a union the English retreated from the border, leaving the Scots vulnerable to French control - a frightening prospect for the Protestant nation. John Napier, first born of a prominent Scottish family, was born in this uncertain time. His father, who would later run the Scottish Mint, ran the Scottish Mint. Napier attended Edinburgh University, but did not graduate. He left early to continue his education in Europe.

Napier, upon his return in 1571 and finding that the civil war had displaced the home of the family and imprisoned his father, took refuge at one of the estates of the family and began to study mathematics.

In order to satisfy his passion for astronomy, he had to perform time-consuming calculations on very large numbers. This sparked his search for an easier method. After twenty years of research, he discovered logarithms that were first described in 1614. Logarithms work in the opposite way to exponentials.Omega Replica Watches The intervals of a scale get closer as the value increases, rather than getting further apart. Both the Richter Scale, and decibel scale, are examples. Napier's Bones was a mechanical tool for using logarithms to calculate. His active mind led him to create weapons of war such as mirrors to view burning ships from afar, area-effect guns and primitive tanks.

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